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What are the Types of DVD Printing You Can Choose From?

If your business is having discs made for a marketing campaign, it is important to get them printed. This way your marketing campaign is sure to see more success. You can either print the labels yourself and stick them on the disks or avail the services of a DVD manufacturing company for the job. Sticking the label on the DVD will not look appealing. Therefore, it is best to have the DVD’s printed. Another reason why you should hire a DVD printing service is because the print will last longer. If you stick the label onto the disk yourself it will come off in a few days. The work done by a company specializing in printing is guaranteed as they use the best techniques and equipment for the job.


Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are generally used to print on papers. However, there are certain types of printers that use the inkjet technology and can print on DVD’s. The only drawback is that the color cartridge is expensive to replace. However, the resolution of the prints is spectacular. The resolution of the prints made by the inkjet printer is 4800 dpi. This is the second best type of printer you can use for your DVD’s.

Thermal Printing

As the name suggests these types of printers use thermal technology to print on DVD’s. The print is transferred using a color ribbon and thermal technology. This type of DVD printing is not as expensive. However, the resolution of the print is not very impressive. This printing is ideal for simple designs or text. If you are looking for a low-cost option and are willing to compromise on the print resolution, this method is best for you.

Thermal Retransfer

This method is similar to the thermal printing but guarantees the best quality print. The resolution of this type of print is better than the inkjet printer as well.

These are the most common types of DVD printing techniques. Now that you are aware of these techniques you can decide which one suits you best.

In any case, the determination of the print is not extremely noteworthy. This printing is perfect for straightforward outlines or content. Assuming that you are searching for an ease choice and are ready to bargain on the print determination, this technique is best for you. Inkjet printers are by and large used to print on papers. On the other hand, there are sure sorts of printers that utilize the inkjet engineering and can print on DVD’s. The main weakness is that the shade cartridge is exorbitant to displace. Notwithstanding, the determination of the prints is astounding.

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