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We Will Rock You the musical

We Will Rock You the musical

We Will Rock You the musical is based off the songs sung by the popular band Queen and the musical was named after the bands number one hit We Will Rock You. This jukebox musical was written by Ben Elton, a famous British comedian with the support of Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. The musical was first produced in London, England by Queen, Phil McIntyre, and Tribeca Productions. It started playing in May of 2002 in the West End at the Dominion Theatre and became an instant hit in West End area. The musical in the last few years expanded their performances to other countries such as Ireland, Australia, Canada, Russia, Spain, Japan, South Africa, Zrich, Vienna, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Bangkok, United States and Hong Kong. Each performance within the countries received successful reviews and positive critiques from the audience abroad.

The We Will Rock You plot is actually not based on the life and times of the band Queen. It is actually a story the takes place in the future, where music is outlawed and illegal. The story uses Queen’s songs and Ben Elton’s vision to help portray and tell the story in the musical. Gallileo Figero is the central plot in the musical, as he plays a young man detained for speaking his mind after his high school graduation. Another character named Scaramoosh, is a rebel girl who also loves to speak her mind and is also detained in the same jail as Gallileo. They two end up meeting each other and become friends and both wanted the same thing, to escape out of jail and run free. Both eventually get free and join a resistant group called the Bohemians, whose main goal is to fight the Killer Queen, who is the controller of Globalsoft. Globalsoft represents a company that want complete control over the youth and uses force to control any kids that do not obey their policies and types of music they should be listening too. In the end will Gallileo and his friends succeed in defeating the Killer Queen, or will she reign supreme?

Throughout the musical, the director has perfectly placed 32 of Queen’s songs, which gives way to a very entertaining play. The storyline combined with Queen’s awesome songs will keep you intrigue from the start to the end. This is one of those musicals that you must see and will most definitely enjoy, especially for the diehard Queen fans as they get to hear all their fan favorite songs during the play.

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