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Grease: The Musical

Grease: The Musical

‘Grease: The Musical’ was originally known as ‘Grease Lightning’ ,performed in the city of Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. A group of producers and playwrights saw the show in Lincoln Park and suggested that the play be turned into an off broadway musical production as opposed to the less musical current rendition. The musical version was finished rehearsing in early 1972 and the first performance opened Off Broadway in the borough of Manhattan in February of that year. The play was a wild success, and would end up being nominated for 7 Tony awards and winning in three different categories. Grease ended up winning the Tony’s for Outstanding Choreography, awarded to Patricia Birch. Grease also took home a Theater World Award, which was given to Adrienne Barbeau. Carrie Robbins won the Tony Award for Outstanding costume design that year as well.

Grease the Musical ran for 8 years, from early 1972 to early 1980. The show was relatively long lived compared to many musical contemporaries of the time. Grease the Musical ended after being performed 3,388 times. Some of the cast of the original iteration of Grease included Carole Demas playing Sandy. Richard Gere studied at the production for a number of roles including Danny Zuko.

There are a number of memorable songs during the movie that have seeped into popular culture and the soundtrack for the musical Grease was a massive bestseller, reaching number one on the charts. ‘We Go Together’ which is performed in Act II is one of the more popular songs in the musical.

Grease takes place at Rudell High School right before the end of summer vacation. There are three rival factions at the school at odds with each other, the Greasers are the tough kids while their preppier enemies the Burger Palace Boys are affiliated with the Pink Ladies, a girl faction. The play is set in the late 50′s and it is a love story at and around Rudell High School, which is located in California. The kids of Rudell spend lots of time partying and being generally rebellious around town and at the beach, as well as at school. Things go awry throughout the play and it is filled with rumbles and dancing numbers, The story is of two people from two different worlds falling in love and the way things change when you love a person from the ‘other’ side.

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