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Following a Dream: Billy Elliot the musical

Following a Dream: Billy Elliot the musical

Billy Elliot is a great story about doing what you love despite the stigmas surrounding it. It is an enchanting story that will capture the heart and imagination of audiences of all appropriate ages. Currently, Billy Elliot the musical is playing in various cities around the country and world. Enjoy a unique story about growing up, following your dreams, and putting your heart into something great.
Billy Elliot is a charming story about a young boy growing up in a small English town. The town is the picture of traditional and rural life where boys and girls are expected to act a specific way and differences are squashed and discouraged at a young age. Amid the traditional towns people is Billy Elliot, a young boy who is supposed to be taking a boxing class, but instead stumbles into a dance class by accident. He quickly learns that he is exceptionally talented in ballet and other forms of dance. His conservative family and friends quickly make becoming a great dancer very difficult for Billy and he is ridiculed, but he refuses to give up. But Billy’s dancing is not the only major conflict in the story. Billy’s story is set against one of England’s largest strikes in its history, the 1980′s coal miners’ strike.

This confrontation brings great violence to Billy’s story, but it adds a very realistic and historical element to what would otherwise be an overly idealistic musical and story. Billy’s dance class offers him a great place to get away from the stark reality that he lives in. Eventually, his dancing will change his life as well as those around him, possibly including yourself. While Billy Elliot is about everyday life, it is also about how one boy who considers himself to be insignificant can change the lives of those around him.
Billy Elliot is a touching story that is appropriate for children eight years and older as well as adults. The show recommends that parents not bring any children eight years and under to the show as it has several violent scenes between protesting miners and police forces. Billy Elliot the musical is playing in cities around the country and the world and is a Tony award winning musical. The actors, particularly the young boy playing Billy Elliot, are incredibly talented people that will make any crowd cheer with joy. To see a unique and entertaining musical, book your tickets now.

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