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Is CD packaging still cool in the Digital Age?

Is CD packaging still cool in the Digital Age?

The answer is: why ever not! Even if we are moving into a more digital age where all we do is download our favourite track instead of going to the shop, if there was interesting and bespoke CD packaging out there, then it would get the public’s attention once more.

The sales of Record Vinyls has boomed in the past couple of years because of the vintage revival and the notion of collecting record sleeves. The infamous Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl cover from the 60s has reportedly sold for over £72,000 so what is to stop new design covers following in their footsteps.

Creating a CD cover/packaging that stands out is a great way of getting your message across before your consumer even knows of the contents. You can express as much or as little as you like, the element of being unique is key.

You can opt for outrageous packaging that twists and turns or go for simplicity, the choice is always yours. If you think about some of the most famous brand products out there, they’re not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing but they are memorable. Being memorable is what makes something sell.

Design concepts are changing all the time, and the ones that do they best, are always the ones that perceive the unexpected. A backwards opening case, a twist and fold to unlock, there’s lots of different creative and individual ways to promote your product through its packaging alone.

McDonalds did it with their Happy Meal as much as Nirvana did it with their naked baby, you could be the next design prototype for bringing CD purchases back on the up.


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