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Film Grants Offered on Co-Productions

The Australian Government has co-production treaties with many countries and encourages foreign film makers to come forth with their projects and make movies in partnership with the local talents.


Australia is brimming with talent – from writers to producers and directors.  Any film or TV program that is approved and released as an official co-production becomes a national production for both the countries involved.

To fuel these partnerships, the Federal government offers <a href=”” title=”film grants”>film grants</a> of up to a staggering 40% of the total production cost.  These grants are paid in the form of a cash rebate at the end of a production.

Unofficial co-partnerships may also qualify for such film grants, provided that they include sufficient amounts of Australian content. ‘Unofficial’ partnerships involve those countries which are not in some form of a treaty or agreement with the Australian Government to pursue joint film making ventures.

The guidelines for these and the screening itself are provided by Screen Australia.

Screen Australia considers the following when assessing Significant Australian Content:

  1. The subject matter,
  2. The place where the production was made,
  3. The nationalities and places of residence of the people who took part in making it,
  4. The details of production expenditure incurred, and
  5. Any other matters that Screen Australia considers to be relevant.

At a state level, the governments offer other incentives for producers.  The State Government of Victoria, for instance, offers two types of incentives.

The first incentive is offered to those who shoot or use the VFX facilities or utilize the local talent in the state of Victoria, with special emphasis on city of Melbourne itself.

The second rebate encourages film makers to shoot outside the metropolitan Melbourne.  This to so the Victorian Countryside gets into limelight.  This rebate aims at covering up the extra costs of travel, accommodation and food in the remote countryside areas.

One of the heading illustrations in furnishing such film gifts is the Government of Australia.  Australia advertises producers from everywhere throughout the planet to come and shoot their films on the Australian mainland, in the interim giving different allows to pull in them.

Furthermore the central government, state governments themselves give additional impetuses.  The State of Victoria, for instance, gives two separate sorts of motivation bundles for yearning movie producers provided that they shoot their films in Melbourne or the Victorian farmland.

Such motivating forces are an extraordinary approach to bait in global producers from nations like the Us, Uk and France. They  profit both the state and the movie producers themselves by decreasing expenses impressively.

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