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Do We Need Advertising?

Do We Need Advertising?

Advertising is not always considered entertainment, but it is an integral part of the media which we watch every day. If it were not for paid advertisement, we would have a much narrower choice of programs to watch on television, view online and listen to on the radio.

Some can be entertaining in their own right, but maybe not in the same way as how you would choose to watch a television program. Whether it is an advert which makes you wonder what is going on or even what is being sold, to annoying adverts changing their tactic and admitting how annoying they are; it has to be said that advertising works.

Don’t worry, if this sight makes you want to hit the mute button in a split second it just means you are a well rounded human being.

Many large companies put huge amounts of money into their advertising campaigns, often re-branding the entire company in one sweep, but for smaller businesses, this is much harder to do. Firstly, it may not be wise to re-brand if you are not that well known, as it could destroy a reputation you have and leave people confused. When companies like McDonald’s change their advertising and brand image, people still know who they are, but the same might not be said for a shop with one branch in a town. Budget is possibly the main concern for smaller businesses; larger companies can take bad marketing on the chin and power through, but for those who have to spend to make money, it may be harder to get up after a fall. Using agencies, such as a DRTV agency can be the best way to use expertise of those in the know for a relatively small expenditure. With proven results it can be very cost efficient and also put money back into the shows which surround the adverts we inevitably end up watching!

If you like it or not, advertising will have to stay around in various forms, but will inevitably progress as technology and users habits do so. Advertising on Facebook has proven successful after people have started spending almost as much time on it as some do watching television. Whichever services remain free to use in the future, just expect that advertising will be funding it, which is the small price to pay for these free services.

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