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Chicago the Musical

Chicago the Musical

If you are traveling and get the chance to see a musical, ‘Chicago’ is a great one to pick. It is set in the roaring 20′s and follows the murder trials of Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. The musical is a satire of the corruption criminal justice system and the fact that often criminals get a ‘celebrity’ status during and sometimes after their trials. The satire adds humor to the musical.

At the beginning of the musical, Velma Kelly is a vaudeville star who murders her husband and sister after she finds them in bed. A chorus girl, Roxie Hart, also commits a murder, of her lover. At first, Roxie tries to convince her dimwitted husband, Amos, that she was the victim of a robbery, but eventually the law catches up with her and she is thrown in jail.

Roxie is desperate for some limelight, and she does everything she can to make her murder trial get more headlines than Velma’s. Roxie proves that she is ruthless by stealing away Velma’s lawyer, Billy Flynn. Roxie gets high on the fame that her high profile case gets her and even fakes a pregnancy to keep her name in the papers. The climax of the musical is the trial, which has a fairly predictable ending.

Because this play is a musical there are many numbers, all in the style of the time period. The music helps move the story along, and giving rise to some great dance numbers. While you could watch the movie version of ‘Chicago’ there is nothing like watching a musical live. There is an energy that you can get anywhere except for live theater.

‘Chicago’ was originally on Broadway in the late 1970′s but has be revived several times to put it back on Broadway. There are also touring companies that will put on this musical in big cities across the country. These touring shows are often almost as good as the show you would see on Broadway, so it can be a good way to see this musical if it comes close to your town.

The musical ‘Chicago’ has intrigue, interesting characters, grand musical numbers all set in the Prohibition era of the 1920′s. If you are traveling to a city that has this play running, it is a good one to go see. There is nothing else like the experience of seeing a grand musical live.

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