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Best Cookery Shows On TV

There are two things that influence viewership of a television show- entertainment value and relationship. Shows that involve food, everyone can relate to, and whether it is a reality style show, documentary or a regular celebrity slot, if the entertainment value is balanced, the viewing figures soar.

Ask anyone who owns a television and they will be able to mention at least one food show that springs to mind immediately. The reason for this is that with the abundance of shows out there, there is something for everyone in terms of entertainment and usually a lesson in good cooking to boot, for adults and children alike.

The sadists just love to watch Gordon Ramsay intimidate the participants in his show and yet the outcome always turns out fine. The perfectionists observe quietly as those who just don’t make it are slowly eliminated from Masterchef, and community minded individuals take a huge pleasure as Jamie Oliver presents one of numerous shows that have sprung from The Naked Chef.

The classic television viewer quickly turns to pay attention when Keith Floyd appears on screen, with all his shows bearing his name, but usually involving a destination, food or beverage title.

The beauty of the food “genre” is that because there is a show that appeals to everyone, these shows can be found across a wide scope of channels and although there are some on free to view channels, the best of the best can be viewed on pay TV at a very reasonable cost.

One cannot forget to mention Ainslie Harriott of ‘Can’t Cook Won’t Cook’ fame, who has also managed to influence the young upcoming stars of today. I remember with some nostalgia how my children mimicked him in play by pulling mini pillow cases onto their heads and arguing over who was the lead chef. Today my son has made his career in hospitality.

The fabulous diversity of shows involving cooking provides a clear indication of how food permeates every aspect of life, whether its Jamie Oliver pursuing healthy food options for school children in ‘Feed me Better’ or Keith Floyd in his series such as ‘Floyd on Africa’, ‘Floyd on Spain’ and ‘Floyd on Italy’ amongst others, who brought an excellent blend of cuisine and travel to the screen.

Cooking shows are usually listed under lifestyle categories by satellite and cable companies but are so quickly becoming a class of their own that soon they’ll have a category of their own. Just think of ‘Nigella Bites’ and ‘Two fat ladies’.

Perhaps what is so appealing is that there are shows where the viewers are completely passive and there are shows that involve participation such as ‘Come Dine With Me’, which has been syndicated worldwide. Food shows have become the next great British export to the world. And they can be viewed on Travel, History, Lifestyle and real entertainment channels.

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